13 myśli w temacie “Adekwatnie:-)

    1. Good morning Efi:-)
      This movies regards to that overnatural temperatures at Poland, and it is funny only for people who knows this polish serial called „Janosik”. It is about a robber who took the rich and gave back to the poor. These two guys are the most characteristic and humorous characters. They speak a specific language with many funny phrases:-) But this boomerang is only about a heat:-)

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      1. Τhank you for the explanation!!!!

        Today is the first day that i cool wind giving us breath!!!

        So hot days and nights…… so many days have tired us all!!!

        Kisses and have a nice weekend!!!!

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        1. I love such „tired” days but we have very limited access to them:-). Only in June, July and August – and there are only when the summer is kind for us 🙂
          Kisses and also have a nice weekend!! (friend’s 50 anniversary, joop!!)

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